Travelling with my Suit Suit



And for my Paris trip I chose to bring a big and nice luggage. The reason? First of all, I wanted something large enough to fit all the outfits for my photo shoot in France (Oh yeah, we have produced an amazing photo shoot in the streets of Paris) and second, I also wanted a stylish, trendy and beautiful bag. My choice could not be any different, I got the cool  Caretta  bag from Suit Suit. My favourite colour was the sea shell white, as you can see.  The bag has a turtle logo, which symbolizes strength and protection, cleverly inspired by a turtle’s characteristics. I just love this Turtle Collection from Suit Suit, you should definitely have a look by clicking here. I already got the feeling that this suitcase can take a bit of a beating and still stay functional and beautiful for many years.  One of the best things about this bag is how spacious it is, I got the big one and it is huge. There is enough space for a two or three weeks’ vacation, well, in my case maybe a little less, because I always bring A LOT of things. haha

Another nice thing is that the suitcase is very easy to travel with, even when it is fully packed as the four wheels allow you to easily roll it beside you on the way to the airport. In Denmark you can find Suit Suit bags in Kaza, sooo summer in Europe is here, let’s get ready to travel!




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Next Stop: Paris, mon amour!





Picture: Pinterest

It’s time to listening a lot of “Bonjour”, eat some sweet macaroons, visit Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Grand Palais and Jardim du Luxembourg. It’s time for Paris! Yayyy! I am soo excited and I can’t wait to share all the details of my trip with you, guys! Let’s go to Paris! <3


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Joicy Muniz


Daydreaming with Bloomon



Some days ago I was honored with the opportunity to collaborate with Bloomon on their new “Daydream” campaign. You probably know that Bloomon is providing all the amazing flowers you see in my picture decorations on snapchat, instagram and blog. The vases are always seasonally inspired and to capture the spirit of the summertime we are in, it is naturally time to love, to feel and to daydream. When I got their invitation I immediately loved the idea, it’s so inspiring and full of feelings. It is no secret that I am very passionate person, so I am of course also an expert in daydreaming. hehe


Let me explain how the concept works: You need to spend a whole day without phone, computer or TV, only old fashion and things that help you daydream. What I had was my home, my garden, a hammock, a notebook and a polaroid camera to register those moments.

Soooo… come with me and follow my day full of dreams and ideas!


1- Think about different destinations that I still need to go:

I love travelling and experiencing new places, so sometimes I find myself imagining being in some of the destinations that remain on my “To visit”-list. The world is wonderfully big, full of different cultures and unique places, so my first activity was to check some old travelling pictures and dream about my future trips. Maldives, Vietnam and Morocco still need to be crossed of my list. <3


2- Picnic and good readings

On sunny days the best thing to do is going outside and feel the green grass on the tip of your fingers while breathing in some fresh air. Therefore my second activity was going to my garden, make a small picnic and relax with some of my favorite books and magazines. They always inspire me so much.


3- My flowers

Of course I brought some flowers with me, they make me even more inspired and their smell create a great harmonic atmosphere. A nice picnic with flowers during summertime is the best!


4- Old fashion way to listen music

Back in my home it was time to listen to some music. I have this record player with some nice vinyls and I simply love the sound of old records playing, it brings out the most creative side of me. Listening to my favorite bands also make me daydream about all the best things I know.


5- Write and read food recipes

I am not a very good cook, but sometimes it inspires me when I read about new recipes where I can see some delicious pictures. After finding the recipe that matched my mood, it was time to try to make some new food. It was not amazing, but it taught me something new and allowed me to daydream while cooking.


6- A warm tea

To finish the day, some warm tea and a mind relaxed and full of dreams. It’s amazing how a day without phones and laptops can make you more inspired and full of ideas. I have to admit that in the beginning it’s a bit difficult not to check instagram, phone or emails, but the feeling after is very peaceful, promise me to try it sometimes.


Now it’s your turn, what about spending a day without internet and TV? Let’s daydream together! Let’s daydream with Bloomon!

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Joicy Muniz


Do Yoga, Not War!



The outfit of the day is soo cool and comfortable. It’s the perfect choice for weekend. The sweatshirt is so fun, it’s from this brand called Mr. Gugu and Miss Go. I’m very addicted to their shirts and sweatshirts cause they are beautiful and comfy. Let’s check the pictures?





Sunnies – Dresslink

Sweatshirt – Mr. Gugu and Miss Go

Pants – H&M

Bandana – Vintage

Sneakers – Superga

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Joicy Muniz


Trend Alert: Braids



If there is one trend I am really into at the moment it is braids. They are classic and modern at the same time and no matter what, they will always make you look cool. If you follow me on instagram and snapchat (@JoicyMuniz), you saw that some days ago I made a little visit to Gun-Britt Coiffure and got some cool braids made by Miles Solomon. Miles is like the king of braids, he knows so many cool techniques and has a million ideas. So today I will show you the results and our inspirations.



The idea was to get something inspired by viking braids and Daenerys Targeryen from Game of Thrones, so we did it! To be honest, I LOVE it! I felt like a Dothraki, especially because Miles used some cool hair accesories as you can see.

Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz  abstract 3d triangle background

And if you wanna se a bit of our creation process, just play this short video and have some fun:



If you like my braids and feel like trying this kind of hairstyle, I highly recommend you to go to Gun-Britt Coiffure, you will definitely be happy with the results!

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Joicy Muniz