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It was time to get the nails done! A day full of laughs and good talks, it is always like this with the sweet Sol from Nail fix. This time I got my nails ready to fall, summer is almost over here in Copenhagen and soon the rain and yellow leaves will appear in the city. I think fall is a charming and beautiful season, despite of the cold weather (Oh yeah, I am really bad with cold weather, you know that, huh?). My chosen color this time was the peacock plume, a very dark blue with a little shine. I love it! I think it’s cool and it will match with my outfits for the next week!

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Joicy Muniz


Enjoying the last summer days



The last weekend in Copenhagen was so blessed. Very warm days and the city was so happy, including me. It’s not very often that we have a day with 28-30 degrees, that’s amazing, huh? It’s something to celebrate. To make my own party I chose this rose quartz outfit which I combined with that cool backpack. I just love the bohemian mood of this outfit, it matches with my happiness and with the nice weather. Hope you like it!



Hat – H&M

Sunnies – Urban Outfitters

Jumpsuit - Upop

Sneakers – Superga

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Joicy Muniz


My favorite dry shampoo





I have tried many different kinds of dry shampoo in my life before I found my favourite. When I finally find the perfect one, it is of course a pleasure to share the good tip with you guys. It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of Gun-Britt products, right? During my last visit in the saloon, my hairdresser Estela Berre introduced me to this baby, the new dry shampoo from GB Products. Guess what? It was my best friend during the summer vacation. I used it all the time, especially while travelling. It’s the best choice for a busy day, for example, when you need to skip the hair wash but want to retain a pleasantly clean hair. The Dry shampoo makes my hair totally new, with a new life. The best thing about this dry shampoo is that it completely removes the oil/grease from the hair and the smell is sooo good. It feels like you spent an hour washing. Further, it is easy to use, practical and simple: You just need to shake it well, lift your hair and spray dry shampoo into the hair roots, then you should gently massage from the scalp to the ends.

GB Products

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Joicy Muniz


He says: 10 things about me


Pic: Daria Kudriavtseva

 Sooo, today there is a “taking over” on Vintage Guide! My lovely and handsome husband, Robert, is here to tell you 10 things about me. Daaanger! haha

For sure, he is the best person to tell you things about me, since we are together the most of the time and we do the most of the things together. Sooo… yeah, I think we know everything about each other. That’s the truth.

All I can say is: Are you ready? haha

1 – Not the greatest cook  

Joicy spent the first 27 years of her life living in a house with a mom that knows nothing better than to prepare all food and juices for her family. This means that Joicy’s own cook book is not full of recipes, so if she offers to make food for you there’s a good chance you will get either spaghetti carbonara, hot dogs or an omelette.

2- Loves pictures 

Whenever there is a small opportunity to take some pictures, Joicy is always ready! So when she suddenly asks you if you feel like going to a place or travel somewhere, it is almost certain that it is a place where it is possible to take some cool and beautiful pictures!

3- Hot or Cold 

When it comes to doing something, for example going to an event, there are only two ways Joicy’s feelings can be. Option 1: Wow, this is gonna be really cool, I am sooo excited!

Option 2: Agrh, I don’t even feel like going to this thing, it’s like the most boring thing I can imagine.

There is nothing in between, so you better invite her for something she loves!

4-Afraid of water 

People might find it hard to believe, that the girl who grew up in a paradise of beautiful beaches does not know how to swim – but it is true.  Only when the water is completely still there is a small chance that she will go in the water, but when the smallest wave appears she quickly runs back to the beach to listen to some music and relax.



Pic: Daria Kudriavtseva

 5-She loves to laugh and talk bullshit 

Laughter always comes easy to Joicy and she can laugh of the same stupid joke a thousand times, luckily her humour is really good. One of the best things to do with her is therefore to have a couple of drinks and talk a lot of bullshit about everything in the world and just laugh all night.

6-She loves music and to sing – but doesn’t know how 

Music is one of her biggest inspirations in life and her taste is so cool. Of course she also loves to sing her favourite songs and when she has been drinking  the best place she can imagine is a karaoke bar, unfortunately her  voice and lyrics are not always spot on – but who cares?!

7- She is very proud of her country – maybe too proud!  

Joicy loves Brazil. Every time she sees the Brazilian flag on the street, a Brazilian actor or football player in the TV, hears a Bossa Nova song or even discovers a Brazilian product in the supermarket, she cannot wait to tell that this is from HER country.

8- Honest – sometimes too honest!  

Joicy is the most honest person and she always tells you exactly how she feels, which is an amazing quality. Most people try to hide their feelings sometimes, for example when they get a present they won’t dream of using or taste some they don’t like – with Joicy you can always discover exactly how she feels about something, just by looking at her facial expression!

9 – Hungry eyes with small stomach. 

The perfect partner to share food with is Joicy, usually when she is really hungry she forgets that she is not a big person and orders a lot of things. The result is always the same: halfway through her food she is completely full and there is a lot of food left to finish.

10- The best person to do absolutely nothing with 

When you are spending time with Joicy, she makes you feel there is no other place you prefer to be. Even when you are just watching series or going for a bike ride, she makes you comfortable to be yourself, so you are in an amazing mood. And if you are feeling a little sad she always has a funny story or a warm hug to make you happy again.


Pic: Daria Kudriavtseva


Awwwn! Do I have the best husband in the world? Yes or yes? ❤❤❤

Ps: I know how to cook more than that things, ok? Ungrateful guy! hahaha

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Joicy Muniz


Pancakes Amsterdam


Amsterdam is definitely a city full of delicious dishes and Dutch pancakes are something unforgetable. I wanted to try the best ones, so we decided to visit Pancakes Amsterdam to taste their famous pancakes, and omg! So so tasty! In Denmark we are used to eating sweet pancakes with homemade strawberry jam or maple syrup. In Pancakes Amsterdam they also have salty pancakes, which was a perfect choice for lunch after walking around in the city for some hours. Our choice was the one with mushroons and bacon and, as you can see, it is huge. So after eating with a nice juice we were completely full and ready for new adventures in the city. Everybody working there were so friendly and offered a perfect service, even the chef came to ask if we enjoyed the food, and we really did! So thank you so much for the good time!

If you are going to Amsterdam, don’t forget to try these delicious pancakes! They are very YUMMMYY! I promise you will love them!





Pancakes Amsterdam

Website: www.pancakesamsterdam.com


Pancakes Amsterdam, Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH Amsterdam

Prins Hendrikkade 48, 1012AC Amsterdam

Instagram: @pancakesamsterdam

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Joicy Muniz