What is in my bag?



 The bag of a lady holds a lot of secrets, and today I am here to reveal some of mine. First of all, my iPhone, because you know I can’t stop being online, second some of my favourite beauty essentials, and last but not least a nice hand cream and I will tell you why: The weather in Denmark can be very cruel to your skin and make it dry, so be sure that you always carry a nice cream with you because you are surely gonna need it. But let’s check my essentials one by one:

1- iPhone – Cover from H&M

I just love fun covers, this one is very cute!

2- NYX Matte bronzer – Bronzeur Mat

Yes, you can see I am using this little baby for my make up in all my pictures, it’s amazing. Perfect quality!

3- NYX Illuminator

It’s always nice to carry in your bag some nice make up products, because you never know when you are gonna need them. And this one is so practical to bring everywhere.

4- Spa*Losophy – Organic cream for hands

It’s very nice, and works in all seasons, your hands will need this product.

5-Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX  

It’s perfect for day-by-day use, because the colour is basic and the duration is very long.

6- Eye Shadow Pallete from NYX

This pallete is fabulous, beautiful and chic colours for all the occasions. And there is also a very nice mirror in this beautiful box with metal studs.

My bag is from Moschino and I LOVE it, it’s small but you can carry so many things in. It’s very practical and charming. I use it all the time, it is without doubt my favourite bag.




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Joicy Muniz


Blue is the warmest Color



I was soooo excited to post about this collaboration to you, guys! Yes, I was counting the days. Imagine to work with a brand that you have been a big fan of for a long time. It happened! I love Revolve so much and here is the result of my first photoshoot for the brand. I am wearing this beautiful coat from Tula Rosa, a label that offers a modern bohéme collection for Revolve. I love the coat, it gives me a spring mood, especially because of the color. In my hands, my Olympus Pen. I am so happy about this camera, especially because it’s easy to bring and the quality of the pictures is so nice. With this bohemian mood and a Brazilian song that reminds you of a sunny day I wish you a lovely tuesday! Play the music and let’s enjoy!













Coat – Revolve – Tula Rosa Label

Hat – H&M

Shirt – Mango

Sunnies – Love.D

Shoes – Petite Jolie

Socks – H&M

Jeans – Style Moi

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Joicy Muniz


Elle Style Awards





If you follow me on instagram ( @JoicyMuniz) you probably saw that this week was full of events and one of these was the Elle Style Awards. I enjoyed an amazing night with my dear friend Jovita (aka Blog Black Vanilla) and we had so much fun together. We had our hair and make up done, drank some bubbles and then there we were, at DR Koncerthuset. I was wearing this beautiful dark blue dress from Gina Tricot, which is very simple, but it was exactly what I wanted, since I was planning to have cat eye and some kind of viking inspired braids. Braids are so trendy at the moment and I was looking to use them in my own way. I love the result! Thanks Elle Danmark for an amazing night, everything was so fabulous!



Dress – Gina Tricot

Shoes – Dólmen

Bag- & Other Stories

Make up: Mickaela Berman

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Joicy Muniz


Superdry New Store in Copenhagen



Last friday I was invited for a delicious breakfast for the opening of the new Superdry Store here in Copenhagen. The store is so big! It’s amazing to find a place cool, full of trends, different styles and colors. I had the opportunity to walk around and check out the store before it officially opened. Guess what? I loved it! Can’t wait to show you my chosen Superdry outfit! If you wanna visit the store, just go to Købmagergade , and check out the place! I am sure you are gonna love it!





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Joicy Muniz


Sunny day with Maruti



If you follow me on instagram and snapchat (@JoicyMuniz), you probably saw how happy the last days were in Copenhagen. Sunny and beautiful days with 18, 20, and even 23 degrees. Amazing! Of course I enjoyed the perfect weather to go around by bike. I love the parks here, they are beautiful and cozy, especially on a sunny day. Kastellet is a place full of green and historic buildings. It is actually one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe, so if you visit Copenhagen it is definitely worth a visit. For this day I chose an all jeans outfit. I love this dungaree dress from Monki, it is so comfortable and nice, I can’t wait to use for a lot of different combinations. But my favorite thing about this comfy outfit is the shoes. They are from a Dutch brand called Maruti. First time I saw their products I totally fell in love with them and I am very happy to share my new shoes with you, so you also can see how amazing they are. They ship to many countries here in Europe; and Denmark is one of them. So if you have become interested inthe brand, here you go, click here and fall in love with Maruti.






Shoes – Maruti

Sunnies – Dresslink

Hat – H&M

Dungarees – Monki

Jacket – SheIn

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Joicy Muniz